Alan Colvin Principal, Creative Director

Alan’s strength lies in his ability to answer complex problems with simple, powerful solutions. Over the course of his career, he has led the creation of award-winning work in brand identity, print, packaging, websites and environmental design. His breadth of experience and approachable style foster a high level of collaboration and focus.

Alan has worked with some of the best people in the creative world, including two AIGA gold medalists. He served as Lead Designer of Retail and Retail Marketing at Nike and Creative Director of Duffy at Fallon Worldwide, working in a variety of disciplines ranging from advertising to product design to interiors and architecture. A hands-on leader, Alan’s passion for design and creative thinking are a benefit to Cue designers and clients alike.

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Ed Mathie Principal, Managing Director

Ed approaches brand strategy with the discipline of a Marketing MBA, combined with 25 years of experience crafting creative solutions. As Cue’s strategic lead, he has worked with blue chip brands in a variety of categories, such as consumer products and services, packaged goods and durables, corporate branding, B2B, technology
and more.

Throughout his career, Ed has enjoyed working at some of the best creative organizations in advertising and design. Prior to co-founding Cue in 2004, he served as Managing Director of Duffy at Fallon Worldwide and General Manager at Carmichael Lynch Thorburn. Ed delivers valuable insight to clients through his unique ability to understand both the underlying business challenge and the power of creative expression.

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