Campbell Mithun: A new reason to believe

How do you explain creativity? How do you tell someone to enjoy their job more or do good work, or do better work, or do their best work? You can’t tell them. You have to invite them, make them feel like it matters, help them believe it will lead to success.

What was old is new

Over its 70-year history, Campbell Mithun has produced some of the most memorable advertising campaigns in the business. Great work rarely happens by accident, and founder Ray Mithun’s insights into creativity and business, while written 50 years ago, are remarkably relevant to business and creativity today. The new leadership team of CEO Jack Rooney and creative head Jonathan Hoffman saw great potential in this once-proud agency and challenged us to help them infuse it with new energy and purpose.

Ray Mithun’s 1965 agency address showed a timeless intelligence and belief in the powerful role that creativity can play in a client’s business.

Seven defining ideas

We knew an important part of our task would be getting people to believe again. That led us to the creation of seven defining ideas, along with supporting iconography. Each icon serves as a touchstone for an idea vital to the success of Campbell Mithun.


A new identity

Campbell Mithun needed to present itself in a new way; a way that would invite employees and clients to rediscover, or reconsider, what Campbell Mithun stands for. Because the identity represents a creative company, it’s designed to invite discovery.

Whether the viewer decodes a monogram, a 13 or the connection to Ray’s signature orange note cards and green pen, the viewer participates in defining the identity.

An online statement

The website is the first place most people will go to experience the new brand, and the management team challenged us to do something different. Our solution was easily updatable and designed to feature new ideas, agency insights, people, company principles and work.  visit branded website

The navigation created a simple way for visitors to explore a new mix of content and the personality of a new place.

Environment can inspire

To show evidence that the agency was changing, we needed it to bring the brand to life in visible new ways. Colors from the new palette were introduced into the space, and murals created with iconographic elements offer new ways for people to think about the ideas they represent. The additions not only provide reference points for navigation, they bring a new energy to the environment.

Cue got it. The work they created was built from our undeniable essence. And that means that the people who show up every day really believe in it, and when we pitch our story it comes from the heart.

– Jack Rooney, CEO, Campbell Mithun