Good Day Cafe: The usual with a side dish of originality

The Good Day Cafe was envisioned to be a place that’s inviting; a place to meet, share a great meal, hang out or have a cup of coffee. So, it’s no accident that the place works harder to be comfortable than it does to be novel.

The start of a good day

Minneapolis-based restaurant entrepreneurs asked us to bring to life the concept of the Good Day Cafe. Using elements curated from familiar references—diners, cafes and kitchens—the Good Day Café tells a traditional story in a new way.

The Good Day Cafe is set alongside a metropolitan freeway, but welcomes guests in a friendly way.

Defining the experience

Fireplaces, rough-hewn wood beams and warm colors make the Good Day Cafe inviting. Details, including custom floors, metalwork and lighting fixtures mixed with references more common to diners and restaurants make the place feel both familiar and unique.

Collaborating with artisans and vendors helped bring the concept of the Good Day Cafe to life.

The process involved working on site to evaluate relationships of color, wood tones, floor pigments; and designing elements like murals to be integral to the environment, rather than independent statements.

Something for everybody

Spanning sixty feet, the mural becomes the focal point of the dining area. Using familiar and unexpected imagery, it invites dining patrons to discover something new with each visit.

The mural is illustrated with layers of images, some with meaning, some that come together in the mind of the viewer.

I'll take it to go

Inside, the experience is designed to make people feel like they can make the Good Day Cafe their own. And, when people feel that way about a place, they usually want to take a piece with them or share it with their friends. Hats, tee shirts and gift cards are designed to let them do that. And, we created packaging for homemade bakery items and food to go.

There’s a story behind every item on the Good Day Cafe menu. And, the menus are as tasty as the food, using naïve, colorful illustrations that make the place feel friendly, in a modern sort of way.