MN Business Partnership: Growing Minnesota's Future

As the Partnership approached its 30th anniversary, complacency was growing in Minnesota. Changing demographics and new global challenges loomed, threatening to reverse past gains. Add to this the feeling that its own brand had lost some luster, and the urgency to revitalize was real.

The Brand Idea

Imagine 100 CEOs from Minnesota’s largest companies working together to ensure the State’s economy remains strong and able to maintain a high quality of life for residents. Now imagine doing it for thirty years and you have the Minnesota Business Partnership.

Executive interviews with members, leadership, and trusted opinion leaders outside the Partnership pointed toward a core idea: “commit to a higher standard”. The Partnership had long held itself and the State of Minnesota to a higher standard of excellence.


Communicating this idea meant getting members – many of whom are relatively new to Minnesota and the Partnership – to embrace the mission and actively participate. With policymakers, this commitment comes through aggressively advancing the MBP agenda. With the media/market, this idea suggested a voice of logic and common sense amidst a media appetite for confrontation.

A new Identity

Cue created identity concepts based on the new platform, and the MBP leadership team chose a single direction for full development. A new primary icon captures the spirit and direction of the Partnership.

Printed materials are designed to portray a serious, forward-looking, organization.

Website with purpose

The website features a simplifed navigation strategy with key points-of-view used to introduce content
areas. Agenda summary lines make the key ideas more memorable and relatable. view site

Looking forward

The new identity punctuates important information, verbally and visually. Extending the visual language invites more people to understand and participate. The flexible system supports special items (such as newsletters) and special occasions (30th anniversary). It’s a look and feel meant to communicate with purpose and built to support future communications.