Tuaca: New energy for a dusty brand

Tuaca was often referred to as the “dustiest bottle on the shelf” until bartenders rediscovered it and began recommending it to their patrons. Often misunderstood, the product relied on word of mouth to make it credible. The new design gives this premium liqueur more energy and an intriguing personality.

New inspiration for an old brand

The opportunity for Tuaca: create a new, higher energy persona for a premium spirit that invites consumers to step beyond the familiar. Described as easy to love and easy to share, Tuaca is a bridge to new friends and adventure — but the old design was anything but adventurous. The redesign is bold without abandoning the brand’s heritage credentials.

Formerly, the 'dustiest bottle on the shelf'

A little known liqueur with Italian roots and strong taste appeal, Tuaca was often overlooked on the shelf, lacking an understandable persona. Instead, the brand relied on bartenders and word of mouth to validate its credibility. The new design sheds ‘old’ without throwing away elements of its rich heritage and story. Italian design sensibilities inspire a design that is bolder, timeless and inviting.

Mixing it up

Tuaca is a liqueur with a taste that’s highly mixable and open to almost any occasion. New branding makes it appealing to an audience that’s open to trying new things in new ways. Consumed primarily as a shot, the product is exceptionally flexible — it can be consumed straight or mixed, cold or warm, sweet or sour. The new design is inspired by that variety and created to deliver a dynamic, inviting persona.

Branding in action

Point of sale includes “at retail” and “on premise”, but a brand like Tuaca must engage consumers in more interesting ways to increase awareness. The logistics of activating the brand at various consumer touchpoints often happens locally. The brand activation kit provides identity elements and guidance for ongoing programs on a calendar basis.