Better Halves

A product of Brightpeak Financial, the Better Halves Workshop was designed to get couples talking, understanding each other and themselves better on emotional aspects of money. Better Halves knows that if couples recognize their underlying emotional expectations about money, and align themselves to work more effectively together, it can put them on a path to wholeness as a couple.

Better Halves equips premarital counselors and church leaders to help couples discover what makes marriage and money difficult, develop new skills and communication techniques, and take action on achievable financial goals.

Cue created an identity and promotional materials designed to make an awkward subject something worth talking about.

Better Halves | Cue | A Brand Design Company


Better Halves | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyThe language makes an awkward subject feel easy and approachable

Better Halves | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyWorkshop promotions broach the subject of money with messaging that is honest, but disarming

Better Halves | Cue | A Brand Design Company

Icons create visual references for discussions within Better Halves workshops