Bonterra Rebrand

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Like many categories, organic brands have developed a somewhat predictable palette of ingredients that tend to make them fit in rather than stand apart. New branding for Bonterra uses a proprietary palette — iconography, color, typography — and manages the elements in a way that feels natural, effortless and premium. All without discarding familiarity of the previous identity.


Organic farming isn’t about what is prohibited. Rather, it’s about encouraging nature to thrive — enabling nutrients that bolster growth, and attracting predators that protect against pests. The vineyard becomes habitat to animals, birds, insects and plants that work together, ultimately resulting in better fruit. New labels feature a sampling of this ecosystem, offering the brand new ways to tell its story and customize individual varietals. We shot the product on location at the Bonterra Ranch with photographer Graham Brown.


The voice for Bonterra is a deft balance of communicating “premium” while telling an organic story. Premium brands sometimes connote exclusivity to enhance brand appeal. But Bonterra has legitimate organic credentials and benefits by telling a real story, inviting consumers to engage, discover and share the experience. The brand book is how Bonterra informs its distributors and partners, provides branding tools and encourages them to tell its story.