Bonterra Roadshow

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The Bonterra Roadshow includes a multimedia presentation on Bonterra’s organic practices and a wine tasting featuring several award winning varietals.


Banners create a larger than life sense of what the Bonterra Ranch is like. Display tables feature Bonterra varietals, as well as biodynamic preparations and artifacts from the ranch.


A variety of preparations are used to promote growth, enhance photosynthesis and impede predatory forces.


One common biodynamic technique involves burying cow horns filled with organic material, then retrieving it to create solutions that can be sprayed on vines to stimulate growth. Sharing some of the practices of organic farming is integral to telling Bonterra’s story.


A “moving still life” sets the mood in transforming meeting places to the Bonterra Ranch. Filmed from atop a hill overlooking the vineyards, a willow tree sways in the breeze as clouds pass slowly overhead.


Printed materials offer the trade a glimpse into the world of Bonterra, so they can understand what’s special about the ranch and pass the story on to consumers. The ranch is presented in an oversized, hard cover book. It serves as a self-guided tour of the Mendocino, California property, inviting discovery of both seen and unseen parts of the ranch.

Three small books provide a window into Bonterra – the brand, the place and the wine. “Soil Sun Vine” expresses the brand idea, exploring the connection between relationships found in the world and in the wine. “Good Earth” brings the ranch to life with imagery from the vineyard and presents interesting aspects of organic farming. “Bonterra Varietals” offers information and tasting notes on each of Bonterra’s wines.


An introduction to the brand, this video brings the Bonterra ranch to life with a point of view that invites viewers to consider a larger meaning of the brand.

The story of relationships provides a foundation for how Bonterra can engage consumers, inviting them to consider the experience of wine and how it relates to what is important in life.