Campbell Mithun Rebrand

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Because Campbell Mithun is a creative company, the identity was designed to invite discovery. Elements of the company’s history are symbolically represented, creating intrigue for those outside and pride for those inside the company.

Identity elements are used in repetition to brand elevator lobbies within the Campbell Mithun offices.

Business cards are more than a way of exchanging contact information. They become conversation starters. Each employee receives cards with a full assortment of icons, each of which represents an idea defining the culture of the agency.


Digging into the agency archives we found remarkably relevant insights written by founder Ray Mithun over 50 years ago. His thinking on business and creativity informed the creation of seven defining ideas for the agency, called the core tenets.

Each defining idea is represented visually. Icons for each tenet make ideas relatable, memorable and easily shared inside the agency and out.

Changing the identity of Campbell Mithun was the first step in an ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant, creative culture. These cards are one way to invite stakeholders within the agency to explore connected meanings of the tenets.

As the iconography was introduced internally, employees were encouraged to design their own tee shirts, combining icons in a way that expressed the agency personality for each of them.






Each pill connects the viewer to one or a series of pages of content. Each page is edited and designed to be one, interesting bite-sized piece of information. Collectively, they tell the story of Campbell Mithun.


A creative company can express itself in interesting ways. Repetition of the elements in elevator lobbies creates a branded entry on each floor of the Campbell Mithun offices, welcoming visitors and employees with the new personality.

The defining ideas of the agency are key to developing the character and culture inside the walls, but they are also important in defining the agency for clients and other constituents. As one of the first things seen entering the offices, the seven tenets are proudly displayed and explained.

Modern and minimalist interiors benefit from a dose of more contemporary color throughout, punctuating white walls and bringing meaning into what was previously an austere feeling space.

Murals added to entry points in elevator lobbies create new energy within common areas and help differentiate similar looking floor layouts.