Children’s Theatre Invitations

Every fall, the Children’s Theatre Company hosts the Curtain Call Ball, its most important annual fundraising event. For several years, we had the pleasure of collaborating on the event theme and designing the invitation.

Children’s Theatre Invitations | Cue | A Brand Design Company

Emerald & Ruby was the 2011 theme for the Curtain Call Ball. We created an invitation that was inspired by the upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz, and embodies the glamour of old Hollywood. The invitation captures the whimsy and fun of the classic 1939 film, but with a contemporary, grown-up feel. Guests are encouraged to wear vintage tuxedos and gowns to get into the spirit of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

The Curtain Call Ball is a formal event that doesn’t take itself too seriously. To that end, the 2010 invitation looks for simple, unexpected ways to turn convention on its ear. The typography features traditional typefaces, playfully composed with vibrant, youthful color contrasting the formal black and white. Keeping with the theme of adding a twist on the expected, the card is a single strip of paper that folds over itself, showing crops of information that create interesting combinations of color and texture.

Dance was the theme for the 2009 Curtain Call Ball, which featured the world premiere performance of “Bert and Ernie Goodnight!” The design of the invitation and illustration style was inspired by the energy and fun of the well known characters.

“Oh the Drama” was the 2008 theme, inspired by the experience of an evening that’s anything but staged. The theme came to life with colorful illustrations of the evening’s events, encouraging patrons to “stir things up” at the cocktail hour, or “enjoy the salty banter” at dinner. The drama was enhanced with a folding technique that opens to reveal an invitation twice the size.

The Children’s Theatre takes pride in creating a party that’s really fun, and for the 2007 event, we used the invitation to set that expectation. After all, anticipation is half the fun of getting there. Magic and illusion were built into the experience of the ball. To enhance the anticipation of fun, we created an invitation that invites the viewer to peek. As it unfolds, the Magic Curtain is revealed in a poster-sized announcement.

The 2006 theme “Play Big” created an expectation that the Curtain Call Ball would deliver a great party—the charity event you look forward to attending. The invitation introduced the program for the evening using cards that illustrated the individual activities. When opened, the folded mailer doubled as a poster for the event. Each part of the evening’s slate of activities used illustration to celebrate the things that would make the event special: drinks and hors’deurves, auction, and dancing and desserts. The illustrations were made to paint the evening as fun and sophisticated.