MN Business Partnership

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An organization comprised of CEO’s of the 100 largest Minnesota companies, the Minnesota Business Partnership is committed to inspiring the state to achieve a higher standard of living for all of its citizens. The identity straightforwardly reflects the ambition and purpose of that commitment.

Thirty years of commitment to the state’s success is commemorated in a mark that celebrates the past and inspires the Partnership to look forward to the future.


The Minnesota Business Partnership’s straightforward voice is delivered simply to facilitate communication between the organization and its members, the press and state government officials.


The website focuses on the Partnership’s agenda, committed to promoting higher standards of fiscal responsibility, public education and health care. The look and feel of the site was created to deliver information in an accessible, objective way.


They are busy people, so when the CEOs of Minnesota’s one hundred largest companies clear their calendars for one evening of the year, it’s a big event. More than dinner, it’s a time to mark progress, reaffirm goals; and, with participants on both sides of the political aisle in an election year, it’s an opportunity to send up state political figures with a dose of irreverent, good-natured humor.