Thymes Studio Collection

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The Thymes Studio Collection was designed to refresh the presentation of Thymes fragrance collections. Each collection is designed to package a specific fragrance offered for sale online and at specialty gift retailers. We created color palettes and custom patterns to define the collections within the packaging system. Collections contain common products as well as special offerings tailored to each fragrance’s signature attributes.

Mirabelle Plum

TYM_Work_Studio_Mirabelle Plum

A tapestry of juicy, tempting fragrance, Mirabelle Plum incorporates jasmine petals, pink peonies and plum blossoms, woven together with woodsy threads of sandalwood, amber and succulent black currants. The fragrance is expressed visually as a bed of rich pink and purple, overlaid with delicate linework of lush flora.

Tupelo Lemongrass

TYM_Work_Studio_Tupelo Lemongrass

Tupelo Lemongrass combines vibrant scents of clementine, tupelo lemongrass, sweet tonka beans and dreamy neroli, with wild privet leaves and lily of the valley. The color is bright and fresh, a patchwork of vitality and light.

Aqua Coralline

Thymes Studio Collection | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyInspired by the seaside, the design for Aqua Coralline recalls the ebb and flow of the tide and the textures found at the shore. The blues and corals in the color palette allude to the fresh fragrances of water lily, white cyclamen, driftwood, yuzu, lemon pulp and Hinoki wood.

Jade Matcha

Thymes Studio Collection | Cue | A Brand Design Company

An opulent fragrance infusion, Jade Matcha embraces both tradition and modernity. This balance is reflected in the design, which represents the global fusion of Matcha tea, sugarcane, sweet bergamot, lemongrass, cardamom and rich tonic bean. The packaging for the bath oil, a special addition to the product line, features a heavyweight Italian glass bottle with a hand-wrapped paper top and a copper charm.

Rosewood Citron

Thymes Studio Collection | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyRosewood Citron starts with bright citrus notes of grapefruit and segues into a lingering rosewood finish, with Damask roses and sheer magnolia. We based the packaging design on the compelling contrasts within this fragrance profile, ranging from light to dark. The pattern expresses this idea with a range of colors layered on top of one another. The layers suggest an abstract wood grain, reflecting the woody tones of the fragrance.

Tiare Monoi

Thymes Studio Collection | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyLush and intoxicating, Tiare Monoi invokes the sights and scents of a desert oasis. The fragrance is sultry and wild, with perfume of Tiare flowers, wild jasmine, osmanthus and ylang, and hints of heliotrope and agarwood. The packaging is adorned with watercolor desert flowers and a pattern inspired by carved exotic woods.

Photography: Lauren Krysti, Styling: Helen Quinn, Photo Direction: Wink