TRG Brand Identity

For the company formerly known as “Technology Resources Group,” we created a sleek new identity that feels like it belongs in the world of modern consumer electronics. Since retailers are sharpening their understanding of an increasingly sophisticated consumer, companies like TRG need to do more than just talk the talk.

Bringing new technology to market successfully is not simple, but explaining it should be, especially when your clients may not speak English. To create more effective communications, we translated complicated ideas into a simple logic using icons to illustrate key points.

Creating a new identity means more than designing a logo. For TRG, we used unusual papers, vibrant color and clean, modern typography. Using characteristics of the paper, metallic inks, and transparency, these materials work hard and live comfortably within the sophisticated world of consumer electronics.

Communicating TRG’s capabilities across language and cultural barriers requires tools that transcend words. Transparent plastics and papers, metallic inks and bright colors reference the consumer electronics world where clients’ technologies will live, using simple icons and diagrams that communicate in any language.